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The DRAMS team can offer a range of additional training services to meet your specific requirements.

When you first go live with DRAMS you do of course receive full system training to enable you to get up and running. However, it is a great idea to continue to invest in training in order to continue and extend use of your technology investment; and also to increase staff engagement and retention.

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Data Analysis Training

Having undertaken this training, delegates will be able to reconcile monthly financials and produce data for KPI reporting.

While this course is designed around delegates’ specific requirements, it typically covers a range of topics including understanding ledger transactions within DRAMS; creation of analysis reports; and management information (stock reconciliation and valuation).

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Bespoke Training Courses

Every organisation is unique and has specific ways of working, which of course impacts on training requirements. While we are able to adapt our standard training packages (outlined above) to your needs, we can also produce a...

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Admin Functions Training

Having undertaken this training, users are able to manage user accounts and menu configuration; deal with users who have become locked out of the system; and manage users who have left the office without logging out, thereby...

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Data Entry Rules Training

Data Entry Rules enables you to streamline data entry by removing redundant fields and pre-populating those that can be automated. In some instances the majority of fields can be automated in this way, significantly reducing the...

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User Acceptance Testing Training

DRAMS is regularly upgraded with new enhancements and additional functionality; we therefore always encourage customers to upgrade to the latest and greatest version as soon as possible. In our experience the requirement to test...

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Refresher Training

Ongoing refresher training is important because it ensures staff can continue to extract maximum value from your technology investment. This is particularly important over the long term, as staff can often forget best practices...

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Advancement Training (After Go-Live)

While new system go-lives are of course accompanied by system training, it is often a good idea to arrange for additional training at a later date, when users who are now fully familiar with the system can explore advanced...

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On-Boarding Training (for New Staff)

Some organisations try to ‘muddle through’ with on boarding, allowing new users to either pick things up for themselves, or asking other users to provide training as best they can. There are several risks associated with this...

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More About Training

Why Invest in Training? Benefits for the organisation: Improve effectiveness of staff Retention of knowledge within the organisation Staff engagement and retention Reduce costly operator errors Benefits for staff: Become a DRAMS...

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