Category: Software Development

If you have an idea for a product development then we would love to hear it. We review all such suggestions and can offer three approaches, depending on the size of project and how common the requirement is:

  • Smaller project, widespread interest: Typically developed as a core R&D update, delivered without additional charge as part of the maintenance agreement
  • Larger project, modest interest: Typically we invite a small group of customers to join a working group (called a Special Interest Group) in which they agree the specification and share development cost
  • Bespoke requirement: Can be undertaken as a custom development for a specific customer

Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

Where you have a software development requirement that is shared by a small number of clients, we can offer to host a Special Interest Group to develop the required functionality. SIGs offer customers control over the development of a specific module, with the additional benefits of collaboration on the functional specification, and shared development cost.

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